The first habit of effective people

Stephen R. Covey defines proactive behaviour as using 'freedom to choose' to break the stimulus/response cycle of reactive behaviour. Others prefer to say that pro-activeness is about taking control and taking initiatives to improve your situation.

  • What does proactivity mean to you in your work environment?
  • How can it help you achieve greater goals?
  • How can it boost your motivation?
  • What can you do starting today to be (even) more proactive?

Through this 2-day interactive training, you will learn:

  • what proactivity means for you personally
  • what proactivity means for your organisation
  • what the experts have to say about proactive behaviour and proactive people
  • the keys to proactive behaviour
  • how you can improve your own behaviour
  • how to bring initiative and impact your work


This training is a blend of discussion, theory and exercises. The trainer creates a sharing atmosphere where participants can exchange best practices, working on understanding different environments, as well as their own convictions.

Destiné à

All professionals who want to increase their impact on their work environment, increase their performance and their satisfaction at work.

  • professional staff
  • support staff
  • project team members and leaders
  • mid-management


A. Introduction

  • What is proactivity?
  • Covey’s first key habit of effective people: Be proactive!
  • Experts share their opinion on proactivity

B. Flow: A pre-requisite for proactivity

  • What is it and how can I have it?
  • The results of flow
  • The link with skill and challenge

C. Understanding your personal mission and the mission of your company

  • Mission, vision and the link with action
  • Creating goals

D. Assessing your position in order to create strategic action

E. Why Jean-Claude Van Damme was right about being 'aware'

  • The impact of awareness on your values and your mission-creation

F. Work on what you can influence

  • What can you impact?
  • Where do you have influence?
  • How to broaden your circle of influence?

G. Creating innovation and change

  • Keys to proactive behaviour
  • Using Red Monkeys© to create innovation and change in the organisation

H. Personal action plan

Seulement intra-entreprise

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